Google has conducted an antitrust investigation into the termination of third-party cookies

The UK’s competition and market regulator has announced the launch of a new antitrust investigation against Google, the Wall Street Journal reported. This time, the end of third-party cookies that are slated to run until 2022 under the “Sandbox Privacy” program is in question. While the Mountain View giant says the initiative’s goal is to further respect user privacy, many companies fear that this will actually strengthen Google’s dominance in online advertising.

In the UK, investigation is open at the end of third-party cookies

Since Google announced it would end third-party cookies, many UK companies have raised concerns with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The open web marketer, a successful coalition of newspaper publishers and tech companies, fears in particular that this decision will affect its companies’ ability to target internet users and their revenue at the same time.

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Concerns heard and shared by the CMA. Andrea Coscelli, Managing Director of the UK Competition Authority, explains his fears: “Google’s Privacy Sandbox project could have a significant impact on publishers such as newspaper titles and the online advertising market. . However, there are also confidentiality issues to consider. “

Currently, the aim of the CMA is to determine the impact that the end of third-party cookies could have, especially if it does not lead to a strengthening of Google’s dominance. The agency states that it has no conclusions to draw at this time and that the debate remains open.

For its part, Google responded to the opening of this investigation by stating that it was ready to collaborate:

To create a more private Internet, while encouraging publishers and advertisers who are committed to a free and open Internet, the way online advertising works in the industry must fundamentally change. The Privacy Sandbox has been an open initiative from the start and we welcome the participation of the CMA in developing new advertising-backed proposals that are free of third-party cookies to support a healthy web.

Google is being addressed by several antitrust investigations around the world

Antitrust investigations are now part of Google’s daily life. In the USA in particular, Mountain View was the subject of a comprehensive investigation before being prosecuted in what is arguably the largest antitrust lawsuit of the 21st century.

At the request of Huawei, China has also launched its own investigation against Google. Same goes for India, where authorities accuse him of abusing Android’s dominant position to promote Google Pay.

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