Epic Games acquires Rad Game Tools

On January 8, 2021, Epic Games officially announced the acquisition of Rad Game Tools, a development company behind Bink Video, or the Oodle compression tool, products that are featured in no less than 25,000 games. Rad Game Tools has been a long-time player in the video game world and Epic Games sees this acquisition as an opportunity to further cement its leadership position in the video game sector.

Rad Game Tools: the compression specialist

An acquisition just days after the announcement of the acquisition of a shopping center in Cary, North Carolina to develop a new headquarters. Epic sees it big. Rad Game Tools is a shadow company. Although the originator of many well-known products is, gamers don’t necessarily know his name.

Reflecting on his buyout, Jeff Roberts, Rad’s founder and CEO, explains, “Our work with Epic Games goes back decades and bringing forces together is a natural step given our focus on products, mission and culture.”

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This acquisition is clearly part of the development of Unreal Engine 5. Rad Game Tools is a compression specialist and its technologies are being built right into the Unreal Engine for video game developers to benefit from. Bink, Oodle, Telemetry, Granny 3D, and Miles Sound System are shadow development tools that are little known to the public but are essential to the proper functioning of video games.

A buyout to accelerate the development of the Unreal Engine

The Epic Games and Rad Game Tools teams know each other well and have a good relationship. The two companies have been working together for years. Such relationships made peaceful acquisition possible. The Epic Games press release stated, “Rad Game Tools will continue to work with its partners in the games, film and television industries. The sales and business development team maintains and sells licenses for its products to companies in all industries – including those who do not use Unreal Engine. “

As you will understand, Rad Game Tools will not only be placed at the service of the Unreal Engine of Epic Games, but will continue to perform their side activities as well. However, this merger will undoubtedly make it possible to integrate products like Bink or Oodle much better into the unreal ecosystem. Epic Games is working hard to make Unreal the most graphically powerful, but also the smoothest development engine on the market.

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