With this tool you can generate the ideal persona for free

There are several key steps involved in starting a business, or during a new start or even a repositioning. Who, what, when, how, where, how much, why? The first question is one of the most important: who is this product or service being sold to? In order to answer this, a customer profile must be defined, which is also referred to in marketing as a buyer personality. They are simply profiles that represent a company’s various customers, whether existing or potential.

In this way, it is possible to create clear offers and thus propose suitable marketing and communication measures. The main problem these days is that the persona is an often sloppy phase that is not given enough time. Defining a persona takes time, imagination, and market reality. In order to optimally address a person on a website, in social networks, by e-mail or via advertising, it is necessary to know them.

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A generator to send the right message to the right person

Sowaycom, the marketing lab that helps companies find the perfect alchemy between their content and their audience, has launched a free tool. The latter is none other than a marketing persona generator. In just under 10 minutes and by answering fairly precise questions, the tool generates the profile of the ideal customer, from last name to first name, including their areas of interest …

In six simple steps, which consist of several questions, it is possible to reach the perfect person.

The first step is to define the person: first name, gender, age. Then you need to define the characteristics of your personal life. Among the information requested, we can mention: the level of study, personal situation, number of children, city in which the person lives, personal goals to be achieved, bad habits or the means by which information is obtained.

In the third step, you can determine your professional life. To do this, you need to do the following:

The size of his company, his professional situation, his area of ​​activity, the department in which he develops his professional challenges, what he fears of losing in his professional life if he is a decision maker or not, the frustrations he wants to eliminate

and many other functions!

A free tool that asks the right questions to define a persona

The next step is to identify the information that will influence the decision-making, such as: B. the factors that might encourage him to choose a competitor’s offer! Then we have to be interested in the digital behavior of the person: online payment, consideration of personal data … And that’s it!

The last step makes it possible to get the full profile of the previously defined person. A full file is displayed, similar to a résumé. The persona link can easily be shared with other employees via a simple link. It is also possible to change the persona.

With this free tool, you can define the right profiles to create the right content and attract the right prospects! Save time defining the persona as a generator asks the right questions.

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