Reddit bans r / donaldtrump subreddit after capturing the Capitol

A spokesman for the Reddit community site confirmed that the r / donaldtrump subreddit has been banned from its platform, Axios reported. A decision made after the violence that took place during the capture of the Capitol and was led by supporters of Donald Trump.

The subreddit r / donaldtrump no longer exists

Although it was never an official Donald Trump forum, the r / donaldtrump subreddit was one of the most popular among the current US President’s support community. Particularly active in the “Stop The Steal” movement (“Arrêtez le vol” in French), it was also widely used by protesters for the capture of the Capitol.

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Donald Trump is permanently banned from Twitter

Today it no longer exists. Reddit simply decided to remove it from its platform. To clarify the decision, a company spokesperson said, “The Reddit policy prohibits content that promotes hatred or promotes, glorifies, encourages or encourages violence against any group of people or individuals. In accordance with this policy, we have taken the initiative to contact moderators to remind them of our policy and offer them support or resources as needed. We have also taken steps to ban the R / Donald Trump community due to repeated violations of our policies in the past few days following the violence in the U.S. Capitol.

Reddit is a platform that is widely used by supporters of Donald Trump. Several subreddits are dedicated to the US President, many of which are known to be toxic and violent. In June last year, the company had already decided to ban the highly controversial r / The_Donald subreddit, precisely because of repeated violations of the platform’s guidelines.

Reddit is following in the footsteps of other major social platforms

This Reddit decision is not an isolated incident, on the contrary. Since the Capitol conquest, major social platforms have been on alert to remove and block content related to the American president that could eventually give way to a new wave of violence.

For example, Twitter has decided to permanently block Donald Trump’s personal account, which at the time had more than 88 million subscribers. Facebook, Instagram and Twitch have also decided to put the American president’s accounts on hold indefinitely. For its part, Snapchat applied “permanent restrictive measures” when Shopify completely removed the two official stores of the current White House resident.

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