This tool brings together the best UX case studies

Case studies are very useful tools for finding inspiration. Between best practices and ideas that are proven, they are very useful. Nowadays, regardless of profession, everyone is inspired by case studies. In the UX field, it is common to find similar designs from one location or application to another.

Built for Mars is a website with a free collection of more than 90 case studies on UX. Case studies include Coinbase, Asana, Notion, Disney +, Spotify, and many others. Peter Ramsey, who started the project, explains that he helps different companies build the best product experiences every day. However, he often makes the same mistakes. So he decided to highlight the latter and created Built for Mars.

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The site has 90 case studies and two are expected to be added each month. With this tool, he wants to “point out UX problems that have never been seen and that can never be forgotten – and hopefully explain the effects of these problems in a larger context”. “”

The page is divided into three parts. The first highlights the different case studies. Each of them answers a question or a need. For Disney +, for example, the functionality of the platform is explained using 65 slides. When registering, for example, all the advantages of onboarding are highlighted: no distractions, the different phases are clearly highlighted, clear header, CTA that shows concrete measures …

Real know-how in UX

The more negative points are also underlined and above all the way to improve them is given. In the case study, the most important points are highlighted in the form of an article.

Part of the website is devoted to the latter’s mission. Peter Ramsey explains his career, his project and gives references! Finally, in the Get a UX Audit section, he highlights his services and allows everyone to benefit from an audit with him.

Finally, followed by more than 7,000 people, the newsletter offers advice on product development.

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