How can you really develop your CRM strategy?

If the choice of technology is important to implementing a CRM, Salesforce rightly points out in its e-book that implementing a real strategy that matches your company’s constraints and ambitions is essential. Many companies do not focus enough on this essential step for the success of a CRM project. Check out this free downloadable document to learn how to successfully implement this type of technology.


Most of all, Salesforce reminds us that it’s important to define a vision. This is the starting point of any good strategy, even if it has no real value to some. Experienced managers know very well that you cannot get very far without visions. With a vision, you can structure a model, unite teams, and align sales promotions with goals. This is exactly what you will discover in this whitepaper and you will understand that it has to be implemented in the CRM project regardless of your vision.

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The second step, outlined in the Salesforce whitepaper, is implementing a strategy. What exactly will your economic advantage be? Now is the time to decide. Are you going to work on the price? Excellent after-sales service? On the quality of your products? A very extensive support? In its whitepaper, Salesforce helps you to define these elements thanks to various recommendations, as they are the prerequisite for a suitable implementation of the various elements in CRM.

The Salesforce guide also addresses the business process issue a CRM needs to reformulate for the better. Indeed, implementing a new CRM should help you rethink your methodological approaches. A mistake that is too often observed is copying / pasting old goals and business processes, sometimes with their efficiency problems and their limitations … It is precisely the opportunity to review and especially optimize them. This whitepaper will help you redefine these.


A key point Salesforce remembers is the importance of defining metrics because “we only manage what we measure”. This is exactly why your key indicators need to be known and visible to all of your sales reps. If you download this white paper, you will learn how you can ensure that all levels of management in your company have access to these well-known indicators.

After all, setting up a CRM shouldn’t be viewed as a “big bang”. You need to think about new features before you start that you may find useful in the next months or years. Don’t forget to download the Salesforce white paper to learn more about the seven steps to building your CRM strategy.

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