a complete tool for effective brainstorming

Brainstorming for such and such a project, brainstorming for such and such a customer, brainstorming is an essential part of our daily life. However, successful brainstorming requires good organization, listening skills, efficient notation, and most importantly, great inspiration! To brainstorm effectively, some are fans of Post-its, shared Google Docs, and others of a large forum.

Collaboard offers an online whiteboard on which you can work together in real time and above all create notes, pictures, videos, links and drawings. A very useful tool for entrepreneurs, project managers and all teams that work remotely. The workspace offered by Collaboard is unlimited.

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Unlimited ideas with Collaboard

Posts, cards, images, symbols, notes, drawings, but also documents such as PDF, Word, Excel or PowerPoint files can be integrated on the whiteboard. Thanks to the integration of Google Images and YouTube, it is possible to add content from the web in seconds.

The elements created are customizable: font, color, layout … For designers or those who want a visual representation of an idea, the digital pen allows you to quickly create sketches.

Simply link ideas together

Thanks to Collaboard, workflows, processes or even mind maps and flow charts can be created. The aim is to connect all the elements together to build a complex network!

The tool also provides templates for those who need help getting started: marketing, strategy, planning … Collaboard is collaborative and anyone with access to a board can contribute. Users can also vote on an idea that is handy for quick decision making.

Collaboard is a paid tool that is offered for life for only $ 49. Depending on the number of users of the tool, two other deals are available for $ 98 and $ 147, each with an unlimited number of tables.

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