Apple-Hyundai deal in March for Apple Car

In March 2021, Apple and Hyundai are expected to sign an important agreement to release an electric and autonomous car. After several years of evidence fueling rumors of the famous “Apple Car” release, this partnership should confirm the brand’s plans for the apple.

According to Reuters information reported by the local Korean IT news agency, production of the vehicle will begin at a Kia plant in Georgia. The first 100,000 models will be produced there from 2024. The same source also announces the production of a prototype from next year. It also confirms the hypotheses of the use of LIDAR technology as well as the use of a revolutionary battery.

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If the trace of a collaboration with Hyundai tends to be confirmed, that of the start date has to be picked up with a grain of salt. Indeed, analysts have determined that the autonomous vehicle should arrive sooner in 2027. It will still be an event. Apple’s entry into the auto industry could change the public’s perception of the sector and potentially put a spade in the wheels of Tesla, whose valuation continues to rise, and surprise.

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