New Zealand central bank reveals hacked

New Zealand Central Bank Governor Adrian Orr admitted on January 10 that his establishment had been hacked. The origin of the cyber attack and the possibly stolen data are still unknown.

The main functions of the central bank are still “healthy and operational”.

Adrian Orr announced that the Central Bank of New Zealand suffered a malicious computer attack on one of its file-sharing services, which are used to exchange and store sensitive information, at an unknown date. The system has been secured and taken offline for an initial investigation. The governor of the bank assured that the main activities of the institute will remain “healthy and operational”.

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According to the governor, the extent of the attack is currently unknown. “The type and amount of potentially accessible information is still being determined, but it may contain some sensitive business and personal information.” The perpetrator and the source of the attack also have to be determined.

New Zealand already targeted

AFP reports that the latest report from the government agency’s Computer Emergency Response Team saw a 33% increase in cybersecurity incidents over a year. In August 2020, the country’s stock exchange was targeted, freezing trading four days a year after suspicion of an attack on the London Stock Exchange.

More research is ongoing to find out more. Adrian Orr said: “We are working closely with national and international cybersecurity experts and other relevant authorities as part of our investigation and response to this malicious attack.” The attack on an institution like the central bank is taken very seriously and the investigation should shed some light on its effects.

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