the city of the future after Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman wants to formalize the start of a major project in the first quarter of 2021. The line is the name that this future great intelligent city of the country will bear. Saudi Arabia’s goal is to create a city that runs 100% on clean energy. According to the government, The Line will be able to accommodate one million residents.

The Line: The dream city of the Saudi crown prince of the future

While this city is obviously long, it must stretch for 170 kilometers. According to the prince, this $ 500 billion project was supposed to create a “hyper-connected community”. There are no cars on the line. Still, the city will be designed to offer very fast means of transportation. Autonomous shuttles are available to residents. The sponsors say, “No matter where you are, schools and clinics will never be more than a five-minute walk away. No trip is expected to take more than 20 minutes. “

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It is believed that one million people live in The Line. The city will be visibly geared towards “nature” and clean energies. The visible part of the city will be dedicated to pedestrians only, while underground two levels will be dedicated to the main infrastructure and traffic. The prince and his teams say artificial intelligence can monitor The Line.

Data and predictive models should help find ways to improve daily life over the years. Construction of the line is scheduled to begin this first quarter. This green metropolis is part of Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s great project, Saudi Vision 2030. 380,000 jobs are to be created in the coming years.

An already very controversial project

Nevertheless, this project is very controversial. Building the line requires the relocation of the Huwaitat tribe, a people who live exactly where the prince wanted to build his city of the future. Abdul Rahim al-Huwaiti, a member of this tribe, was killed by Saudi security forces last year after he stated on video that he and other members of the tribe were at risk of deportation. Saudi Arabia has a long history of human rights issues.

The murder of Jamal Khashoggi recently caused a stir. This Saudi journalist fought against online abuse. We then learned that Saudi Arabia had infiltrated a spy on Twitter, Ali Alzabarah, whose mission was to spy on reports from academics and journalists.

There have been many smart city projects in recent years. We are thinking in particular of Toyota and its Woven City project at the foot of Mount Fuji. As a smaller project, 2,000 people have to live in this city of the future. There’s also the Bill Gates Project, which is spending $ 80 billion to build a smart city in Arizona. The American billionaire bought land the size of Paris in 2017.

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