5 steps to choosing the perfect corporate social networking solution

In 2021 there will be several dozen tools with different functions in the collaborative solutions market.

You may feel that everything is the same or, on the contrary, nothing seems to match the way your company works. Don’t panic, Jamespot intends to guide you in this free whitepaper by giving you five key steps in choosing your collaborative solution.

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Step 1: what features do you need?

A corporate social network offers many potential functions: video conferencing, information exchange, real-time messaging, group management, project management, file sharing … In short, every social network has its own characteristics. The first step is therefore to identify the features that you really need in your company.


As Jamespot explains in his white paper, ask yourself the following question: What is your biggest problem with in your organization today?

Depending on that first answer, you have an idea of ​​how to choose the right corporate social network, but of course the reflection work doesn’t stop there.

Step 2: Define your goals precisely

Perhaps in the past year 2020 you recognized the problems of cooperation in your company. If you download this white paper, you will see the importance of feedback. Ask your employees how they work together. They will likely increase the challenges for your business.


This inventory will be the basis of your considerations. You can answer the following questions: Should you increase the productivity of your teams? Facilitating communication between the various departments in your company? Do you have a platform to store and share documents? Since your employees are the primary users of the corporate social network, it is important to include them in these considerations.

Step 3: inventory of existing solutions

Now that you understand the features of a corporate social network and have written your specifications based on your needs, it is time to create a table that summarizes all of the solutions on the market. In his whitepaper, Jamespot recommends that you describe your strengths and weaknesses in order to get an overview based on your previously defined criteria.

In his whitepaper, Jamespot recommends that you consult user reviews of comparators for a global view. There are several comparators for corporate social networking solutions, here are a few: G2Crowd, Capterra or Appvizer. To identify steps 4 and 5 that will help you choose your corporate social network and delve into the points above, you know what to do: Download the Jamespot white paper.


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