How can you optimize your ROI in your CRM?

When implementing a CRM, it is important to think about optimizing the ROI (return on investment). As the saying goes, “You only control what you measure”. This is exactly the case for your CRM strategy. Salesforce, the world’s leading provider of CRM solutions, has just published a new whitepaper with six recommendations for managing your strategy and optimizing your ROI.


There’s one point that Salesforce highlights in this e-book: the cloud. Salesforce explains that when you choose a cloud-based CRM solution, you are free from the issues associated with CRM applications deployed on-premise. In this white paper you will learn that the cloud can help you avoid software problems or updates, which almost always incur additional costs. This is an important first point to optimize your ROI.

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Second, Karen D. Schwartz argues that it is important to focus on high value added applications. Yes, there are “business applications” that sometimes contain functions from social networks. By integrating them directly into your CRM system, you can automate your marketing campaigns or manage collaboration with your teams.

Another key point in optimizing the ROI achieved in the Salesforce whitepaper: You must definitely opt for a mobile integration of your CRM solution so that your sales employees have the right information even when they are on the move. This is important in order not to make mistakes and to ensure proper tracking of the files, especially in relation to these different elements that make up a business developer’s business: opportunities, contacts, messages, information about the prospect’s account, etc.


In this white paper, you will learn the testimony of Chronolife, a Health Tech company that equips t-shirts with sensors and a very powerful algorithm. You need to use and interpret the collected data to make predictions. In the Salesforce eBook you can find out how this business has changed with central contact management in a cloud-based CRM tool.

Aligning your marketing and sales teams is another lever to further optimize your ROI. In this e-book, Karen D. Schwartz states that improving ROI requires collaboration between departments. It is important to define common goals and discuss how to use data to take coherent action.

Another detailed recommendation for optimizing your ROI in a CRM: Create reports, take the time to share, distribute them internally to stakeholders, and most importantly, explain them so that the level of information is the same for all concerned. It is imperative that the monitoring of KPIs, results and progress be understood and shared with teams to empower them and make clear the development of commercial measures to act accordingly.

If you download this white paper, you will find that the best way to optimize your ROI is to build relationships with your customers through CRM. Links that reinforce over time and allow you to capitalize on your current customers. You know what you need to do to understand all there is to know about optimizing the ROI of your CRM: download the Salesforce white paper.


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