YouTube rival files complaint against Google for unfair practices

Toronto-based video sharing platform Rumble has just filed a complaint against Google for abuse of a dominant position. She especially criticizes him for highlighting YouTube to the detriment of his competitors.

The complaint filed with the Federal Court of California confirms that “thanks to its search engine, Google was able to falsely redirect massive traffic to YouTube, causing Rumble the additional traffic, users, downloads and brand reputation and income it would otherwise have received” . According to Rumble, Mountain View has “wrongly manipulated their search algorithms” so that YouTube is advertised more heavily than other video hosts when searching.

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The company also cites contracts with brands of phones running Android to have YouTube preinstalled on devices. Rumble explains that she was forced to post her videos on YouTube because “Google’s illegal anti-competitive behavior has given Google a monopoly on its platform”. As of 2014, Rumbles videos on YouTube have had a total of 9.3 billion views and $ 4.3 million in revenue. The company claims these views would have been included directly on Rumble if Google hadn’t cheated its search results.

Rumble’s statements confirm a Wall Street Journal survey of Google’s video search practices conducted in the summer of 2020. The media had therefore carried out several tests to arrive at the same conclusion: YouTube is highlighted in the search in almost all cases. In fact, the complaint contains a list of screenshots from a Google search called “Funny Dogs on Rumble” which is the answer to YouTube videos.

As a reminder, these lawsuits are already in a very tense context for Mountain View: They are indicted in three different cartel cases in the USA and have to participate in a process that is said to be historic. The search is one of the main elements of the allegations made against them. Google has therefore done everything to advertise its own offers and products in its search engine and to suppress possible competition.

Rumble’s complaint shouldn’t help her …

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