Disbursement of corona aid: Only EUR 95 million of November aid paid in Berlin – the economy

Berlin companies have to wait for most of the promised help. So far, around 95 million of the € 329 million requested has been disbursed in November, as announced by Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) on Tuesday. In the case of December support, 41 out of 104 million are requested. 83 percent of direct applications and 96 percent of assessing third parties – such as tax advisors – submitted applications were paid in November support under an accelerated process.

But it also means: So far, if at all, only advances of 10,000 euros have been made to the company. However, this amount needs to be increased. “The increase in the limit to a maximum of 50,000 euros, but not more than half of the required amount, was supposed to take place over the weekend,” an IBB spokesman said.

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Until the beginning of the week, licensing authorities in the federal states did not even have access to the federal technical platform. “So we still can’t process, control, modestly or pay out applications,” the IBB said on Monday.

But it looks better from Tuesday. “As of this afternoon, we have access to the system, as do all licensing agencies in the federal states,” the IBB said. You are now beginning to review and approve your applications. “As long as the system works stably and flawlessly, we are optimistic that we will be able to make the first payments in a few days.”

283,673 applications for November support

The federal government is lagging behind in its own goals when it comes to paying out corona aid. According to the company, there is a problem with the technical platform, but the state aid negotiations with Brussels also did not go as smoothly as the Federal Ministry of Finance envisioned.

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According to the IBB, a total of 286,515 applications for November support were received nationwide. For the December support, it was so far 122,745.

Most of them were submitted through tax advisors. For these applications, the difference between the amounts requested and the amounts paid is particularly high. In Berlin, for example, only 78 million of the 304 million euros requested for November aid through tax advisers flow. According to IBB, this is due to the previous reduction of discounts to 10,000 euros.

Support for January can be applied for only from March

This late payment is a huge problem for many companies. Due to the pandemic, they are not allowed to open their business, but numerous costs, such as rent payments or loans, are still rising. Employee wages would also have to be paid first, although entrepreneurs can compensate for these costs through the Federal Labor Office as part of a short-term allowance.

However, the next months should not be easier. Companies are likely to be able to claim fixed costs only for January in March. This should be done through so-called bridging support III. Due to problems with payments for bridging aid II, many entrepreneurs and tax advisers should not look forward to this request.

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