10 tech companies suspend subsidies for elected officials

After Donald Trump’s supporters invaded the Capitol on Jan. 6, at least 10 American tech companies made the decision to suspend their subsidies to American MPs, CNBC reports.

In fact, all of these companies have a Political Action Committee (PAC) that enables them to help or put pressure on elected officials, often through monetary donations. However, with the events of January 6th, they decided to review their plans to avoid subsidizing MPs who would have agreed to oppose voting for Joe Biden, thus heading in the direction of Donald Trump, who did so without Affirms No evidence that the election was fraudulent.

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“Microsoft’s Political Action Committee decided last Friday not to make political contributions until the impact of last week’s events has been assessed. The PAC regularly pauses its donations in the first quarter of a new convention, but will take additional measures this year to take account of these recent events and to consult with staff, ”the Redmond company said in a statement. . Google announced that it has made the same decision. Both companies funded Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s 2018 campaign, the latter recently assisting Trump in confirming election fraud had occurred.

Same story with Facebook and Amazon. “We intend to discuss our concerns directly with the MPs we have supported previously and will evaluate their responses as we consider future PAC contributions,” said a spokesman for the e-commerce giant. For its part, operator T-Mobile said it would “reevaluate” its subsidies.

However, companies have taken stricter measures by targeting the elected officials concerned directly. This is especially the case with Airbnb. It therefore announced that its political action committee “will refuse to support those who voted against the confirmation of the presidential election results”. Verizon, AT&T and Comcast are going in the same direction: “The peaceful transfer of power is a foundation of American democracy. With that in mind, we will expose all of our political contributions to elected officials who have voted against certification of electoral college votes. This gives us an opportunity to review our policies and practices regarding political giving, ”writes Comcast.

Companies in other sectors have made similar decisions, such as banks JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs.

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