4 white papers to improve your mobile strategy

The year ends or begins, a small glass of betaine citrate in hand (the Christmas or New Year holidays stay on your stomach), recovery is getting closer!

2021 will be a new mountain to climb, and it’s about not dragging yourself into proper indolence when it comes to your mobile strategy.

In order to prepare well for this new year and to be on the right track with your -app- mobile strategy, you can download 4 pieces of content here to avoid the big questions and tackle clear ideas!

An inventory of the mobile apps market

Before getting into the main topics of a mobile strategy, taking a look at the metrics and trends on the topic can be a great way to get a panoramic view of mobile marketing at the same time. than to see the latest developments regarding the impact of Covid-19 on this area.

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For example, you will find that 65% of shopping trips start from a mobile phone or that 38% of consumers make purchases via a mobile app, a proportion that increases, particularly with age group influence. 18 to 35 years old (66% of them shop through a mobile application).

Based on this logic, food apps are the most successful. As a result, every second consumer uses an app to do their shopping.

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The best strategies for attracting new users to your mobile app

Whether you’re launching your app or just looking to get new users, it’s always good to explore new methods, tweak the levers you use, or simply change your mind with new ones. approaches.

Reading this white paper will therefore do you no harm. It contains 10 useful tips for optimizing your mobile acquisition strategy. App Store, A / B tests, social media campaigns … The guide presents, one by one, the main options available to professionals in order to attract new users.

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Promote retention and loyalty of your mobile app

After users are attracted, another big problem is keeping them by improving the retention rate and keeping them even better. Again, reading an e-book that covered the problem can be a good idea!

App retargeting, M-CRM or push notifications … levers that are sometimes poorly exploited or even avoided, however, are often the key to retaining users, which are often hard-won. Take the retargeting app for example: Today only 25% of installations become active users. So it’s all about “working” the remaining 75% to turn them into “real” users, and the retargeting app is a lever that has proven itself in this area.

This whitepaper is on the topic and is a great way to start the year by highlighting the best techniques for fostering retention and loyalty!

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Techniques for increasing in-store traffic thanks to mobile-to-store

In the context where 75% of mobile users perform local searches on smartphones within 24 hours and 81% of internet users ask on their mobile phones to make sure a product is available in store before going there, the more sensible is the mobile to-store marketing technique designed to increase POS traffic through digital promotions for mobile phones.

This guide scans the key elements for retailers who want to take relevant actions on mobile devices to attract internet users to their business.

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