Google Stadia and GeForce are NOW built into LG TVs

Television is not dead, it is evolving. Proof of this is the latest announcement from LG. During CES 2021, the South Korean manufacturer presented its new television series that will integrate two important cloud gaming services: Stadia from Google and GeForce NOW from Nvidia.

LG wants to woo gamers with Stadia and GeForce NOW integrations

As every year, CES offers the largest technology companies the opportunity to present their latest innovations. During the 2021 edition of this event, LG was no exception to the rule by showcasing its new line of OLED TVs, QNED and NanoCell, to be released in the coming months. Its specialty: the integration of Stadia and GeForce NOW, two of the best known and most successful cloud gaming services of today.

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If it was already possible to enjoy Stadia on TV via ChromeCast, the service was integrated directly into a smart TV for the first time. This is an absolute first for GeForce NOW. For both services, this is an important step towards democratization within the household.

To take advantage of this, users just need to download the dedicated applications in their LG TV’s operating system. You will then have access to the entire catalog offered by the two services and can play it back by connecting your controller. Ease of use that (maybe) finally allows the gaming cloud to take on its full dimension and, why not, approaches its main goal: replacing traditional home consoles.

The television adapts to the time

It’s a debate that has existed since the birth of the internet and the arrival of new media: will television eventually collapse under the weight of these powerful competitors? Nothing is less certain. Instead of giving in to defeat, manufacturers are evolving their TVs to meet the new needs of their users. Smart TVs are a legion now: YouTube, Netflix, and even Amazon Prime are built into them for easy access from a TV, as well as a host of connected services that let you easily switch from one screen to another.

A strategy that seems to be paying off. As of March 2020, over 15 million people were on YouTube from their television screens. Results that have also prompted TikTok to sign a partnership to integrate with Samsung televisions, but which above all prove that television as a device still has a bright future ahead of it.

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