a monitoring tool with 4,000,000 email templates from 40,000 major brands

E-mail is used by almost 4 billion people worldwide and will remain the most important communication channel for marketing in 2021

As in all areas of marketing, monitoring and analyzing best email practices is vital.

Whether it’s finding inspiration for a newsletter, monitoring a competitor’s email strategy, coming up with an email idea, or simply finding the best email templates, building your information system allows you to to be more organized and to refine your email strategy.

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So, monitoring email spying is less about why than how. Setting it up manually can be quite a chore. We subscribe to newsletters from brands that we consider good students in this field. We monitor competitors’ email strategy, but it’s pretty difficult to go any further.

We can of course complement it by reading dedicated blogs or consulting template resources and email models, but the approach is always far from a professional and modern approach to monitoring and monitoring best practices and uses related to email -Strategy. It seems like a great effort to be at the mercy of the holes in the racket.

This is where a tool like SimilarMail comes in.

SimilarMail: between email intelligence and email design resource libraries for inspiration

SimilarMail is an email monitoring tool that allows you to keep track of companies’ email strategy in a specific sector on a specific topic with 40,000+ referenced brands and 4 million+ email templates.

The website makes it possible to spot the latest trends broken down into dozen of topics (beauty, automotive, food, technology, retail, etc.). SimilarMail also has archives of all the newsletters from these brands that you can use to analyze the mechanics of the best email strategies. The email monitoring tool also provides numerous insights in the form of data that is aggregated according to the categories of interest. SimilarMail also provides data on the wording, the ideal length of objects, the email content, but also the technologies used by brands. A great way to have competitive email monitoring.

In addition to providing inspiration for email design, the solution provides a thematic search engine that allows users to enter keywords and find email campaigns on the topic. For example, you might want to receive samples of Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, and so on. SimilarMail searches its database for the best email templates for these terms. The solution can therefore be used as a library of email template resources, but contextualized as needed.

A catalog of email design resources and insights at one great price

SimilarMail is a freemium tool, but we’re quickly reaching the limit of free features. If you want to find a sample email or newsletter, you don’t have to pay. However, if we need real structuring from the previous day, the paid functions become indispensable. Originally priced at $ 19 per month, an exclusive, temporary offer lets you get the tool for life for $ 39 from AppSumo.

Whether you’re a traffic manager, an email specialist, or just a marketing expert, SimilarMail is an extremely interesting tool to feed your email clock.

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