Twitter removes 70,000 accounts associated with the QAnon movement after capturing the Capitol

While President Trump is still banned from Twitter, the social network has decided to strike even harder by deleting 70,000 accounts linked to the QAnon movement. The accounts have been permanently banned, according to the social network looking to take the lead before a possible second attack on the Capitol.

The QAnon movement targeted by Twitter

The members of the QAnon movement seem determined not to stop here. This is what has been worrying Twitter for a few days. The social network recognizes through numerous tweets that a second attack is likely to be organized. The date of January 17th is even planned. For this reason, Twitter prefers to play it safe by doing a real cleanup on its platform. Result: 70,000 accounts related to this pro-Trump movement were deleted.

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Twitter wants to prevent conspirators from using its platform to organize further unrest in Washington. The focus of the debate is the whole question of the role of social networks in the capture of the Capitol last week. Like their favorite president, they are extremely active on social networks and especially on Twitter and Facebook. Believing that a fraud had indeed occurred, their anger only grew with the explanations of Donald Trump until they reached the breaking point of that famous January 6, 2021.

Objective: Avoid a second attack

Trump’s speech prompted several thousand supporters to march to Capitol Hill before the situation quickly escalated. Twitter claims to have identified multiple accounts as directly linked to the QAnon movement. The social network explains: “These accounts have shared a large amount of dangerous content related to QAnon. They were essentially dedicated to spreading these conspiracy theories on our platform. “Most social networks have also taken steps to freeze President Trump’s accounts.

Twitter claims in its statement: “Plans for future armed protests are increasing on Twitter, including a second attack on Capitol Hill on January 17, 2021. We cannot risk a second attack happening in the coming days.” At the center of this debate is the question of freedom of expression. Twitter can now decide to remove 70,000 users in a single ranking. This is the crux of the revision of the famous section 230: a pillar of freedom of expression on the edge of an abyss.

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