A solution to simplify scheduling by synchronizing calendars

Ah, the joy of making appointments. From the moment you agree to a meeting and everyone finds the right time for everyone, there is … a lot of time. Despite the many tools available on the market to facilitate scheduling, few solutions are practical for both the organizer and the attendees.

Because of this, Derrick Reimer decided to start SavvyCal. This tool makes it easy to set appointments between two parties so that everyone can find the best time. The idea is that the person who receives a link to make an appointment also benefits from the practical side!

Find the best time to meet

As can be seen in the video above, the tool is very easy to use. A calendar is available and shows or does not show the available times. Various parameters can be defined, e.g. B. the duration of the meeting, the type of meeting, the location of the meeting (Google Meet, Zoom, etc.).

Changes can be made before a link is sent, e.g. B. blocking available slots so that they cannot be booked. By customizing the link, you can include the other person’s name in the appointment booking link, but also their email address …

Upon receiving the link, the other person will see the available slots and can overlay their agenda to see how available they are and which ones match the other person.

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With Savvycal you can receive reminders before an appointment, but also set a limit for making appointments per day or week … Handy so that you don’t have to spend your life on an appointment!

A handy tool for everyone in a meeting

Savvycal has several advantages:

By personalizing the links, which makes it possible to reduce the number of steps required to find the ideal time slot, the recipient of the link, in order to reserve a time slot, can overlay his or her calendar on that of the sender in order to find the most suitable time for several meeting times are available to reserve the time necessary

Specifically, Savvycal offers benefits for the person sending a link and for the person looking to reserve a niche.

Savvycal can be tested free of charge for 7 days. Then the tool costs $ 12 a month. A small price to pay to provide a very convenient meeting planning experience that has won over a large number of gamers like the founder of Mailbrew, the founder of Summit and many others.

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