How can an extraordinary product experience be achieved?

Akeneo, PIM software manufacturer (Product Information Management), who centralizes, harmonizes and optimizes all of your product information across all channels, has just published a whitepaper entitled “The four superpowers of PIM to unlock your growth”. When you download this e-book, you will discover all the benefits of a PIM solution to improve your product experience.


Efficiency: the key to the PIM solution

In its whitepaper, Akeneo describes how the efficiency of workflow management can be improved, costs reduced and investments made profitable. In fact, improved efficiency can allow you to enrich your product information on a large scale, and this can make all the difference to your competition.

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In particular, learn more about the testimony of Midland Scientific, a scientific equipment maker that has halted rising costs and inefficiencies in internal product information enrichment processes. The idea acclaimed by Akeneo is to regain control of product information management processes in order to work smarter. With better efficiency, you can also enter new markets more conveniently.


Anyone who says quality experience says flexibility

The e-book also underscores the importance of flexibility: the constant appearance of new products and the constant evolution of demand force companies to be adaptable. As a business, you need to be able to react quickly and update your products smoothly to meet potential customer expectations.

Akeneo shows in his whitepaper that this logic is essential today. In 2020, consumers need to know where the products they buy come from, how they are designed and whether they meet current standards. In this whitepaper, practical data is exchanged to better meet these product experience standards.

If you download this white paper, you will find that implementing a Product Information Management (PIM) solution solves the sticking points and most of the current problems facing e-merchants. Akeneo advises you to take a scalable approach in this regard: “It is not necessary to implement a complete and final solution from the start, to equip yourself with the simplest PIM solution and to add functions. Water flow “.


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