Google completes acquisition of Fitbit

Google finally announces the completion of the Fitbit buyout. Mountain View is excited about this acquisition through a blog article published on January 14, 2021. It must be said that despite an announcement in November 2019, the giant encountered the reluctance of the European Union.

In addition to Fitbit’s technological advances that allow Google to improve its own products, there is one more element that should be evaluated in this collection: data. This new black gold is an important fuel for the smooth functioning of the company’s advertising media. With around 26 million users daily sharing the data taken from their connected scale or watch, Google would see a new opportunity to improve ad targeting.

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The Europe passing there has reached an agreement on the processing of this data. Instead of not processing as Google has accepted that the data Fitbit collects will not be used for advertising purposes. Same desire to improve search engine. After a few more tours, the EU approves the takeover of Fitbit through the voice of Margrethe Vestager, EU competition commissioner.

For Google it is now time for synergies and especially for products. Rick Osterloh, Senior VP Devices & Services, explains, “This business was always about devices by data, and we knew it from the start.” Still, it’s important that the company be reassuring. The boss of Pixel, Nest, Home, PixelBook or even Stadia states that the operation of Fitbit products with products that do not belong to Google, as well as the connected objects of other brands and their operation with Android will remain unchanged.

“We worked with international regulators on an approach that protects consumer expectations of privacy, including through a series of binding commitments that confirm that data is related to the health and wellbeing of users of Fitbit, not for Google -Ads used and this data is separated from other data in Google Ads, “he added.

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