professional screenshots for the App Store and the Play Store

In order to publish an app in the App Store or Play Store, screenshots of an app are essential. These elements take time to create and, most importantly, must be of good quality (clearly, show key features or how the application works, etc.). Good screenshots can improve conversions. A step that may seem very simple and not necessarily given enough time. Sometimes more than 50 screenshots of different sizes are requested.

To end poor quality screenshots there are different solutions like AppScreens. With this tool, you can easily take screenshots for application storage at one time. AppScreens simplifies the creation of screenshots and offers many relevant functions! A very useful tool for developers, designers and companies developing applications.

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Save time with relevant screenshots down to the pixel

AppScreens exports all required screenshot sizes for apps in the App Store and Google Play Store from a single design.

AppScreens offers over 40 templates based on popular store apps. There are 950 fonts available and 17 different styles and colors of devices (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, etc.) are available. It is possible to change and export them indefinitely. The tool offers screenshots in portrait or landscape format.

A model generator for screenshots

It’s the only tool that offers localization, translation, panoramic backgrounds, rich text, emojis … All are exported as JPEG or PNG HD images! AppScreens can translate screenshots into 38 languages!
In addition, the font size is automatically adjusted to ensure consistency.

The importance of screenshots in application stores can no longer be proven. 70% of visitors leave the page within 3 seconds if they don’t like what they see. Efficient screenshots can improve the conversion of downloads by 35%!

AppScreens is a paid tool with a very interesting offer for Appsumo. Lifetime access is available for just $ 25 for a limited time. With this offer you can create an unlimited number of projects in the tool and export as many screenshots as possible!

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