Amazon launches education platform in India

Amazon has just announced the launch of a platform in India to help high school students who want to attend prestigious engineering schools, reports CNBC. The content, known as the Amazon Academy, is currently available for free but may be billed to users in the future.

The Amazon Academy can be used through an Android application or website and specifically prepares for the JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) competition, which must be acquired in order to gain access to technical universities. The platform includes teaching materials, live lectures and assessments in mathematics, physics and chemistry. It also offers live mock tests that mimic the JEE exams.

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“The Amazon Academy aims to provide quality, affordable education to everyone, starting with those preparing for technical entrance exams. Our mission is to help students achieve their results while empowering educators and content partners to reach millions of students. We mainly focused on the quality of the content, the in-depth learning analysis and the student experience. This introduction will help budding engineers better prepare for JEE and gain that edge, ”said Amol Gurwara, Director of Education at Amazon India.

This isn’t the first time Jeff Bezos’ company has launched educational programs. As early as December 2020, we told you about his goal of training almost 29 million people worldwide in cloud computing. Through Amazon Ignite, the company also connects educational content creators with Amazon customers and helps them sell lessons and games as digital downloads. In addition, other GAFA members like Google and Apple have their own educational programs. The former offers customizable versions of several Google products, while the latter offers students and teachers discounts on its materials.

India’s choice for its new platform is anything but trivial for Amazon. In fact, the South Asian country could contribute 20% of its growth within five years, and the Indian market has the interest of almost all tech giants as its potential is important.

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