an examination of its historical sector

On July 5, 1994, a mastodon was born in Bellevue, Washington state: Amazon. This online sales site founded by Jeff Bezos was set to become the largest bookstore. The Internet offers the possibility of offering an almost infinite number of products. The first book was not sold until July 16, 1995. In 2021, Amazon will be the largest marketplace in the world and is built on an empire that combines logistics and cloud services.

On January 13, 2021, a Connecticut state police officer announced that an antitrust investigation was ongoing. It targets Amazon’s practices in managing online book sales, and in particular dematerialized titles.

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The subject of this new research is brand new to Amazon. In June, California became interested in its business practices, particularly with third-party vendors using its marketplace. The state is supported and supported by New York shortly afterwards. A topic that was highlighted many times during the historic hearing of the CEOs of GAFA in July 2020.

Connecticut “is conducting an active and ongoing antitrust investigation into Amazon regarding potentially anti-competitive terms” included in its agreements with publishers, Attorney General William Tong said. The giant has been asked to release documents related to its agreements with five of the largest US publishers.

In the US, 76% of digital books were purchased on Amazon as of September 2020. A sector that was inevitably destabilized with the introduction of the Kindle reader in 2007. Whether in the US or in France, opinions about the observation of a deterioration in the market for booksellers are consistent. The aim of this new investigation is to shed light on the presence or absence of anti-competitive practices. The latter could be included in agreements with publishers that weaken the entire sector in favor of Amazon.

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