Global Biometrics As A Service Market Is Expected To Grow Owing To Growing Adoption Of Cloud Services

Biometric-as-a service is a solution managed and owned by software vendors remotely. Biometric technology is highly useful in authenticating and identifying people with their behavioral and biological traits. Biometric system solutions offer rendered services accessed by only legitimate users. It is identified as ubiquitous technology which can be adopted in high-definition cameras specifically for face identification and also the microphones for identifying the voice.

Biometric sensor is an advanced technology that eliminates a wide number of security issues in several areas. Biometric leverages the statistical, mathematical, imaging, and computing techniques to map the in-depth identity traits and characteristics of the individual for security clearances. Biometric technology is rapidly proliferating and is extensively used in several sectors including forensics.

It is also so helpful in the identification of criminals and prisoners for security purposes, which in turn significantly boosts the demand for such solutions. Biometrics are deployed to examine the illegal access to workstations, desktops, computer networks, smart cards, and cellular phones. Technology plays a vital role in securing businesses from cyber attackers and scammers. However, the surge in the popularity and adoption of cloud services is a vital reason compelling owners to adopt biometrics solutions. The comprehensive nature and convenience of the use of these biometric sensors are significantly driving the growth of the global biometrics as a service market. Service providers all across the globe are significantly focusing on offering advanced biometrics services owing to the surging preference for robust security systems. In addition, the critical areas of applications including air force, offices, and commercial centers are significantly escalating the use of facial and finger scanning solutions, thereby driving market growth.

The global biometrics as a service market can be segmented into industry verticals, organization size, modality, solutions traits, solution types, offerings, and regions.

By industry vertical, the market can be segmented into education, manufacturing, IT & ITES, healthcare, government, and others.

By organization size, the market can be segmented into large enterprises and small-medium enterprises.

By modality, the market can be segmented into multimodal and unimodal.

By solution trait, the market can be segmented into behavioral and psychological traits.

By solution type, the market can be segmented into palm & vein recognition, voice recognition, iris recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and others.

By offerings, the market can be segmented into services and solutions.

North America accounts for the largest share in the global biometrics as a service market as the region is known to be the hub of technical advancements and also the growing number of early adopters of these services and solutions is likely to escalate the growth of the regional market. The growth in the adoption of cloud computing services and the growing risk of cyberattacks are compelling owners to adopt these solutions.

Some of the significant players in the global biometrics as a service market are M2SYS Technology, NEC Corporation, Nuance Communications, Inc., Iritech, Inc., HYPR Corporation, Fujitsu Limited, Fulcrum Biometrics, LLC, BioID, Accenture PLC, and Aware, Inc. To cite, Fujitsu in May 2019 partnered with Kia to develop a police highway patrol vehicle based on biometrics with a critical information system integrated into the car.