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Global DMU and LOCO Market Size, Share, Trends & Industry Growth Analysis Report to 2030

The global DMU and LOCO market size was worth around USD 6.27 billion in 2022 and is predicted to grow to around USD 8.39 billion by 2030 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of roughly 3.74% between 2023 and 2030.

Modern infrastructure relies heavily on the transportation vehicles known as locomotives (LOCO) and diesel multiple units (DMUs). Multiple-unit trains are called DMUs. This indicates that these self-propelled vehicles are made up of one or more carriages connected in succession, and that a single driver controls the entire vehicle.

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Overview of the DMU and LOCO Market

Because a DMU has diesel engines on board, it doesn’t require a separate locomotive. This is due to the fact that the engine is a component of one or more carriages. The primary classification of DMUs is based on the means of transferring motor power to the wheels. For example, a torque converter is used to transport energy in a diesel-hydraulic unit, but a gearbox is used in a diesel-mechanical multiple unit (DMMU). In contrast, a locomotive is in charge of giving the train motive power. It can be referred to as a multiple unit, railcar, motor coach, or power car if it is able to carry a payload. Automobiles are propelled by locomotives on a large scale. The worldwide infrastructure depends heavily on the DMU and LOCO industries, which are predicted to expand steadily over the projection period.

Crucial Notes:

• Our research analyst’s analysis indicates that during the projected period (2023–2030), the global DMU and LOCO market is expected to develop at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of about 3.74%.

• The size of the global DMU and LOCO market, measured in revenue, was estimated to be around USD 6.27 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach approximately USD 8.39 billion by 2030.

• The market for DMU and LOCO is anticipated to expand significantly as a result of the widespread urbanization and city development initiatives.

➤ Widespread city development and urbanization will fuel market expansion

In addition to the small- or large-scale city development, the increasing rate of urbanization worldwide is anticipated to propel the global DMU and LOCO market. Due to these circumstances, it is therefore imperative that a transportation route be established to link rural and urban areas. For example, between 2010 and 2021, India’s urbanization rate increased by almost 19%. Similar patterns are seen all around the world. Government spending on creating new urban areas and renovating existing ones with improved amenities and facilities for the populace has also increased. Due to the region’s rapidly expanding urban population, it was estimated in August 2023 that the governments of Africa, in collaboration with private enterprises, would invest USD 514 billion on new city development and land reclamation projects. For the duration of this predicted development phase, North Africa might assume the lead.

One key factor in determining the caliber of an area’s infrastructure is its railroad system. In addition to being advantageous to the populace, a successful and efficient rail network also draws in foreign capital that is crucial for economic expansion. Because of this, government agencies now have to spend more money on newer DMUs and locomotives to guarantee that people can access a working transportation route via the railroad.

➤ excessive dependence on diesel as a fuel could limit market expansion

Due to DMUs’ heavy reliance on diesel as fuel, the size of the worldwide DMU and LOCO market may be constrained. It is a non-renewable energy source whose use has a significant negative impact on the environment. According to a recent analysis by the US Energy Information Association (EIA), the US transportation sector’s use of diesel fuel is expected to account for almost 472 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2021. It’s a greenhouse gas that raises the temperature of several planets’ surfaces. Furthermore, diesel fuel prices have increased at a never-before-seen rate in recent times. Official reports state that since 2019, there has been a daily decrease in diesel production of 180,000 barrels, which has resulted in increased costs.

➤ Increasing spending on rail lines to generate expansion prospects

An increasing number of rail corridor improvements could result in increased revenue for the DMU and LOCO sectors. The National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRC) granted Larsen & Toubro (L&T) a project costing INR 7000 in July 2023 to build a railway line that would connect the Indian cities of Ahmedabad and Mumbai. It is approximately 135.35 kilometers long. It was announced in August 2023 that Canada will contribute to the High Frequency Rail (HFR) project, one of the biggest and most ambitious in the nation. It is anticipated to assist the area in changing its transportation infrastructure. Funding for the first phase totals CAD 369.8 million.

➤ introduction of cutting-edge DMU and LOCO units to create opportunities for growth

A bigger number of expansion prospects may arise from the increasing number of new technology-driven DMUs and LOCOs. ZTR and Union Pacific announced a strategic cooperation in October 2022 to create hybrid-electric locomotives that will be constructed in one of Union Pacific’s facilities. DB Cargo purchased its first 50 Toshiba-developed hybrid locomotives in January 2020.

➤ DMU noise pollution and performance constraints would hinder market expansion

When DMUs operate on tracks, they are known to vibrate, which generates noise and ends up harming the surrounding areas with noise pollution. Overcoming this is a significant task for DMU producers. When compared to alternatives, these units’ performance capacity is also constrained. Further limiting prospects for worldwide market expansion are other elements including the higher maintenance costs of DMU and the need for skilled human workers as conductors and engineers.

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The Global DMU and LOCO Market is segmented based on product, application and region

Global DMU and LOCO Market: Product Segment Analysis

● Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU)


Global DMU and LOCO Market: Application Segment Analysis

● Mid-Distance Trips

● Long-Distance Trips

● Others

The global DMU and LOCO market is led by players like:

● Siemens Mobility

● Bombardier Transportation

● Alstom

● CRRC (China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation)

● Stadler Rail

● Hyundai Rotem

● Talgo

● Hitachi Rail

● Skoda Transportation

● CAF (Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles)

➤ In the near future, Europe is expected to grow at the fastest rate

Because of its superior and vast rail network, Europe is predicted to produce the largest income for the worldwide DMU and LOCO market. In terms of rail infrastructure development, the region has led the way, and practically all contemporary railway networks draw inspiration from European systems. Up until recently, Germany held the record for having the most locomotives and railcars overall. There were around 17,000 units, with the UK and France coming in second and third. They have been able to maintain their dominance in the worldwide market thanks in part to the sheer volume of DMU and LOCO producers as well as their expanding plans to penetrate new markets and establish international trade links in emerging economies.

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The rapid rate of urbanization is also driving regional governments to continually spend in expanding the train network’s capacity to connect new locations. DMU and LOCO have a sizable market in Asia-Pacific, with India serving as a key consumer. With almost 5000 trains operating daily, diesel locomotives power about 37% of India’s railway network.

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