Commercial Artificial Intelligence Robots Market is growing substantially owing to rise in technological advancements by key players

Artificial Intelligence Robots Market

Commercial artificial intelligence robots are a combination of artificial intelligence and robotics in which the AI software is embedded in the robotic systems. Several companies have invested in this area to explore the astounding potential of AI robots in commercial space. The continuous technological development in the areas of collaborative artificial intelligence robots as well … Read more

Artificial Intelligence In Transportation Market Will Grow Exponentially Due To Adoption Of Smart Mobility

Artificial Intelligence In Transportation

Artificial intelligence possesses the capability to promote ride-sharing activities, lower the time of commuters, and aid in reducing traffic jamming sessions, and hence it is widely being adopted in the transportation sector. Also, the transport ecosystem enabled with artificial intelligence facilitates dynamic decision-making process support, air traffic control, manage congestion, and also harness data power. … Read more

Global Biometrics As A Service Market Is Expected To Grow Owing To Growing Adoption Of Cloud Services

Biometrics As A Service

Biometric-as-a service is a solution managed and owned by software vendors remotely. Biometric technology is highly useful in authenticating and identifying people with their behavioral and biological traits. Biometric system solutions offer rendered services accessed by only legitimate users. It is identified as ubiquitous technology which can be adopted in high-definition cameras specifically for face … Read more

Global Vehicle Analytics Market Will Grow Significantly Due To Advancements Considering Smart City And IoT

Vehicle Analytics

Vehicle analytics is the branch that deals with vehicle behavior and associated properties with the help of inputs from the devices affixed on the vehicles. It offers users a better command over a vehicle along with the fleet by identifying the unusual behavior of the vehicle to prevent any kind of interruptions. Vehicle analytics has … Read more

Global VoIP Services Market Expected To Spur Due To Advent Of 5G Network

VoIP Services

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is an integrated technology used in voice communication along with other multimedia sessions with the help of internet protocol networks. It is an affordable way to communicate with people all around the world. The technology utilizes the internet as a medium for all signal propagation. The different terms associated with … Read more